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7 Day Experiment: 308 Kettlebell Swings a Day

I have been cutting weight for the last month, and this week I appear to have plateaued. The purpose of this week's experiment is to observe what happens when I increase my exercise while in a caloric deficit.

Fat loss, from what, I have read is determined by two things: insulin release and/or a caloric deficit. Usually, people will argue for one or the other. I do not have a deep enough understanding to argue for either, but what I do know is that one method will work (if not both). Since I don't know which is the correct approach, I am going to incorporate both methods.

Those arguing for insulin release say that high insulin levels are responsible for fat storage. To limit insulin release I will follow an intermittent fasting schedule. I will also follow the slow carb diet provided in The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. The fasting is supposed to lower insulin levels during the periods that I am not eating, and the slow carb diet is supposed to limit insulin release during the periods that I am eating

Two other fitness books I have read, Bigger, Leaner, Stronger By Michael Matthews and The World's Fittest Book by Ross Edgely, make the argument for a caloric deficit. They say that fat loss comes down to a simple equation which is:

Energy In - Energy Out = Fat Loss(-) or Fat Gain(+)

If you use more calories than what you take in through food, you should be losing fat.

Of course, neither of these approaches to fat loss work unless they are sustained over an extended period of time. I believe the key is to structure any method I use in a way that makes it easy for me to adhere to it.

I have been on the slow carb diet for the last five weeks, and have lost 10 lbs. This morning was my weekly weigh-in, and I went down 1 cm in waist size (scale showed a 0.2lb weight loss). To me, this signals that I am either retaining water or that I am approaching a plateau in my fat loss. I am going to assume it is due to the latter so that I can take this opportunity to test how my body will react to more exercise.

Enter 308 kettlebell swings a day. I have been itching to do more exercise because the two 10 minute workouts I am already doing, make me feel like I am under training. I think the easiest way for me to increase my exercise is to add more kettlebell swings. I find kettlebell swing enjoyable and easy to do at low reps. My plan is to do 308 kettlebell swings over a 14 hour period every day. Starting at 5 am, I will do 22 swings every hour until 6 pm. I will do these reps all at once, which should take no more than 30 sec each time. My hope is that I will see at least a 2 cm reduction in waist size at weigh-in next week.

Three concerns come to mind when doing this experiment. The first is that I risk running into overtraining. Since the weight is relatively light for me and I have been doing kettlebell swings consistently for the last 6 months, my hope is that this is not going to be a big problem. Second I run the risk of losing muscle. This is something that I have accepted will probably happen. I am okay with this because in the past focusing on retaining muscle has seemed to work against me. Lastly, I do not know what I do not know, so I may be missing some critical facts that would steer me away from doing this. Overall, however, I see that I have a lot of knowledge to gain by making this change to my daily life for the next 7 days.


Here is the full method for fat loss I will be using this week.


  • Eat the same meals every day.

  • All meals prepared on Sunday.

  • 16 hour daily fast. The feeding period is 5 am - 1 pm.

  • Total Daily Calories = 2,123. ( 5 Eggs, 2 cups/(520g) of Pinto Beans, 16 oz of 73% lean ground beef, unsweetened yerba mate tea)

  • 1 Cheat Day as prescribed in the 4 Hour Body. On this day no fasting and I eat as much as I want for 1 wake cycle. Saturdays are for cheating.

  • Drink at least 96 oz of water every day.


  • 308 swings with 35lb Kettlebell a day using. (22 swings per hour over 14 hours. Starting at 5 am and ending at 6 pm)

  • 8-minute bodyweight workout from the book Your Body is Your Barbell by BJ Gaddour.

  • 15-minute gymnastic rings practice using two 4lb ankle weights. (6 - 24 pullups, 4 - 16 dips, hanging for 1 minute. Optional: 6 - 24 pushups, 6 - 24 rows)

  • Warm-ups before all exercises including swings.

  • 5 minute nightly stretching before bed. (Seated fold, pigeon pose, downward dog, scorpion stretch)


  • All measurements done on Tuesdays after peeing and before any food intake.

  • Digital weight scale to measure weight.

  • Measuring tape to take body measurements. (Neck, shoulders, chest, left arm, waist, left thigh, left calf.)

Starting measurements

  • Weight 184.8

  • Wasit 101 cm

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