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Bringing People Together

I think everyone should have the experience of living in a new city where they don't know anyone. After I moved away from home for college I became much more appreciative of my family and best friends. This was the beginning of my understanding that without people, life is pointless.

For 20 years of my life, I thought that in order to be happy in my life I had to accomplish my big goals at all costs. I now think that even if I accomplish everything that I want, but I don't have anyone to share the experience of accomplishment with, I will be unhappy. I think in order to be happy, I have to cultivate the relationships with the people that I love.

Building these relationships is important because these people are my life's cast of characters. These people are like salt and pepper on a steak, I don't need them, but everything is way better with them. When I understood this my life took a turn. I stopped saying "one day when I'm rich I'm going to have incredible adventures" and began to look for opportunities to create unforgettable moments now because I already had what I needed.

This is why I love it when my people and I get together. Weddings, parties, dinners, kickbacks, nights out - I love it all.

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