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How to Meditate Every Day

I've known about the importance of meditation for over four years now but it is only in the last 6 months that I have consistently meditated for 10 minutes every day. Here is what helped me pick up a consistent meditation practice:

I began using the Waking Up App

Before using the Waking Up app I used another great meditation app called Headspace. The reason why the Waking Up app changed the game for me is the uniqueness of the meditation cues. Each meditation with the Waking Up app is full of new information. In the Headspace app, you may have a new intro to each meditation, but the cues within the meditations are always the same. This made it hard for me to stay consistent when I was learning how to meditate because after a few meditations I would lose interest in coming back the next day. The Waking Up App has a 50 Day Meditation Course designed specifically to teach you how and why to meditate. Each meditation is full of new insights throughout the entirety of the meditation. Learning something new each time made meditating much more enjoyable and greatly contributed to me finishing the 50 day course in 50 consecutive days.

The Waking Up app is free to download on your phone. The free version of the app will give you access to 10 meditations from the 50 Day Course as well as limited access to the other content. Use the link below to get a free month of the Waking Up App subscription service which will give you access to all the content.

Waking Up App 1 Free Month

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