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Ladling Gravy

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The power of our attention is limitless. Boredom is a result of a lack of focused attention on the task at hand.

This week I had the pleasure of helping prepare 90 Thanksgiving dinners alongside 3 of my favorite Chefs in Austin. During my 32 hours in the kitchen with them, I spent 3 of those hours ladling gravy into 32 oz containers. You would think ladling gravy would be painfully boring, and it CAN be but it doesn't have to be. Like always you have one powerful tool available to you: your breath.

And so you focus on your breath at every scoop and at every pour, and your attention remains with you at every moment. With every new 32 oz container you pick up, you tell yourself, "begin again'; and you truly begin again. You start as if it was the first and only container of gravy you have ever poured in your life. And you don't just haphazardly pour the gravy into the cup, you pour it as if it were an art to be mastered. The art of ladling gravy.

With each ladle you trust that your subconcious is adjusting and improving your technique, so that you can create better art in each moment. Still, the only job that you have as the concious mind, is to remain focused on your breath and on the motion of your body as you scoop and pour. By maintaining this focus you step out of your own way and allow the art to come through you.

Scoop and pour....scoop and pour.

Breathe in and out....breathe in and out.

Next thing you know it's 3 hours later and your comrades in the kitchen are on your ass, making fun of you for how long it took you to finish the job. Little do they know that you weren't just pouring gravy, you were learning how to live.

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