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Number One is Starting

Updated: Apr 23

The biggest hurdle for me is beginning a project. This blog post is me overcoming that first obstacle.

It's easy for me to get stuck in the details of a project and never actually begin. I spent the last hour looking into whether I should use Wix.com or Wordpress.com to host my blog. Wix.com seems to have better designs, but Wordpress.com is recommended by the blogger I most respect, Tim Ferriss. I have a one year subscription for Wix.com that I am not using so I should definitely use Wix... right? "Yes,I'll use Wix then", I tell myself. Then 10 min later I find out that Wix.com's Podcast integration is not the best, and I really want my podcast on the website. So now we are back to square one.

Then I remember some wise words I've written down in my journals many times.

"Where do I start when I don't know where to start? Anywhere."

Start anywhere because by starting you will learn what you actually need in order to create the best version of what you want. Both Wix.com and Wordpress.com, or any blog host for that matter, will do. Any blog is better than NO blog, Cesar.

Then comes the next hurdle: My writing is not good enough. Or, I don't know what to write. Maybe both are true, but the only way to get better is to begin to practice the art. In this case I must begin to practice the art of writing by publishing the first blog post.

Cheers to the first blog post of the Dose of Cesar blog.

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