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On Practicing Writing

All the people I look up to are great writers. Some of these ultra-successful people that I follow even say that learning how to write well is the most important skill they've learned in their lives.

I picked up journaling while I was in my junior year of high school. After 6 months of journaling, it began to be unenjoyable because I would force myself to write about my entire day with excruciating detail. Two years later I returned to that half-finished journal to begin to write again, but this time I had no daily expectations for my writing. I wanted my journal to be a place where I could write down the thoughts that were occupying most of my attention throughout my day. Eventually, my journal became a place where I would capture thoughts in short bullet points. I've found that writing things down has been very effective in helping me through periods of my life when I've been in low spirits because I get to read about my problems as if I was reading about someone else's problems. Journaling has also provided me with a place to explore my craziest ideas. This kind of exploration sometimes leads to insights about what I should pursue next in my life. All the people I follow who have recommended a writing practice were right about how valuable it is.

Recently, I've begun to do the 2 shitty pages a day exercise that Tim Ferriss recommends. I'm only on my third day so I will report, in the coming weeks on how it goes. My hope is that by practicing to be a better writer with 2 pages a day I will be able to express my ideas better with the people around me and with people that I meet in the future.

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