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Small is Easy, Easy is Consistent, Consistent is Big

I have to start somewhere. My ego is quick to judge at the beginning of anything new I take on because it likes to compare myself with others. Thoughts like, "I'm not doing enough.", have often come to mind in the past during the early stages of something I do. This way of thinking is a slippery slope because more is not better if you can't stay consistent.

Yesterday when I listed out all the tasks that I am supposed to get done in a day, I judged myself for not having a lot to do. What bothered me most is that I really thought I had a lot of things to do already. This illusion was born from me taking an entire day to finish my 5-10 small tasks. As I write this on day one of my waking up at 4:30 am experiment, it is 7 am and I have already completed more than one-third of these tasks. The only thing that has changed between today and yesterday is my understanding that I can get more done during the course of a day.

However, this period of getting 5 - 10 small tasks done in a day was necessary. It was necessary to kick start my ability to get anything done consistently. My days have been enjoyable so far, which has made it easy for me to do it all over again the next day. Now that I have built consistency, I can begin to build on my daily activities. Just like in exercise, you don't want to start with the hardest variation of something. You want to build up your muscles by starting with something that is perfectly stimulating (not too easy and not too hard). This way when you progress to the hardest variation of the exercise, you can do it with good form and still enjoy it enough to do it again the next day.

Never in my life have I been able to stay this consistent with new activities than as I do now. I feel as if I've found a way to make gold. Cesar the Alchemist. Trust me, start small. Small is easy, easy is consistent, and consistent is big.

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