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I need a writing structure to make the blog posts easier to write. For this, I am going to use the writing structure that I was taught in school.

In school, I was taught to write essays in a five-paragraph format. This structure said that you had to have an intro, a conclusion, and three supporting points in between to explain your thesis. The thesis was the main idea of the whole paper that was supposed to be presented in the first paragraph. This was a system designed to make it easy for an entire class of students to present an idea, support it, and bring the idea to a clear conclusion all while following a logical flow to the writing.

The 5 paragraph structure works for teaching a shit ton of students how to pass a test, but I think I can tweak it to use it now. The goal of this structure was to help my peers and I pass the state tests given every year. It worked because it was easy to understand and to implement. To use it for the blog I'm going to focus on following the 5 points that this structure is based on, without limiting the number of paragraphs.

However, there are a few problems with this structure. First is that it limits you to writing 3 points to get your idea across. Second, it makes your writing sound like lifeless copies of each other. In school, this structure made it easy for me to pass the test because I was being tested more on structure than on ideas. This approach to writing killed any sort of creativity because my aim was only to show that I knew the writing formula; not to come up with an engaging piece of literature. Writing this way also never taught me how to create better sentence flow. Nobody cared if my sentences didn't read or flow naturally, as long as the ideas in the sentences were in line with the main idea of the paragraph.

Still, I believe this structure is a good base from which to build my own writing style. I understand how to introduce and conclude an idea which are important pillars of writing... I think. Using this understanding I can produce better writing by adding the secret ingredient of creativity. To add this ingredient I will first study the writing structures of my favorite authors. My goal is not to copy how they write. Instead, I want to build my writing by taking the aspects that I like from their styles and mixing them together to come up with an original style.

In conclusion...just kidding. I'm going to work on building a writing structure that effectively presents ideas with a captivating flow. In my opinion, an important aspect of a captivating flow is the ability to conclude your writing without telling your audience that you are coming to an end. Letting the reader know that you are about to end it all using the phrase, "in conclusion" is unnecessary and lazy. I want to be able to bring the flow of my writing to a satisfying end that makes the reader want to explore more ideas with me. The exact way of doing that is to be discovered.

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