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What's up with Cesar? 7/5/20

  • I've reached the end of my financial runway that I have been living off of for the last 6 months and finally decided to find ways to make money.

  • Food might be my passion. I'm thinking of working in a professional kitchen because I really enjoy cooking. I understand home cooking and professional cooking are two very different worlds, which is why I want to work in a kitchen to see if I like it.

  • I reached out to a local restaurant owner in Austin to ask for advice in getting into the professional kitchen. He has agreed to sit down with me to talk about working in the culinary world.

  • I am in the second round interview for a sales job with a company I really like.

  • Currently looking for an apartment in Austin. The perfect apartment has: low rent, my own room, my own bathroom, in close proximity to downtown Austin.

  • I love taking pictures now. GOOD looking pictures. I love adobe lightroom.

  • Going to start taking more self-portraits and posting on Instagram.

  • I'm hunting down my 6 pack...

  • I can't wait to start eating 4,000+ calories a day and lifting heavy again

  • I haven't done my gymnastics workouts in 2 weeks :(

  • Tim Ferriss keeps pumping out gold in his podcast. The Hugh Jackman episode is fucking awesome!

  • I'm itching to go dancing. Country dancing specifically because I want to learn to two-step.

  • Life seems very uncertain. But at the same time, I'm pretty calm. I find that as long as I am doing the things I want to do (learning new skills, improving in my fitness, improving in my undefined career, putting out new content into the world, etc.) As long as I do these things I am happy.

  • I found out I hate doing NOTHING. Never again will I do nothing for a long period of time. I always want to be learning new things. Is learning interesting things the key to a happy life? It seems to be for me.

  • Found Natalia Lafourcade's dope as music

  • Found the song Sky by Russ

  • I added drawings to The Cesar Encyclopedia I send out each Friday

  • I am beginning to pick up the practice of contacting "impossible" to reach people, just like Tim Ferriss encourages. I haven't been consistent. I want to be.

  • I need more Jocko Willink in my life.

  • We need more discipline.

  • Momento Mori.

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